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Abuse or Misuse (of Internet facilities)



How does DDF deal with Abuse or Misuse?

DataDiensten Fryslân, or DDF for short, makes every effort to ensure that its customers comply with its General Terms and Conditions. This includes not spreading viruses and/or spam, creating port scans, hacking or other means of cyber intrusion.


Provision of information

DataDiensten Fryslân provides a copy of the General Terms and Conditions when entering into an agreement for a service for which these terms and conditions apply.



DataDiensten Fryslân will only deal with complaints from the organisation’s direct customers. It is important that, when a complaint is submitted, sufficient and clear evidence is provided, so that DDF can respond adequately. DDF prefers to receive complaints and evidence in normal text format, unless the situation does not allow for this.



Computer viruses can cause serious damage to computer systems. If DDF receives notification of a possible virus within the DDF network or one of its customers' networks, DDF will do its utmost to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. If a customer is involved, his or her role in the situation will be discussed and, if necessary, DDF will deny this customer access to the Internet.



Spam is a collective term for unwanted and unsolicited e-mail. These messages are often commercial in nature and sent to a very large group of recipients that is many times larger than a potential target group.


If it becomes clear that a customer of DDF is guilty of spamming other Internet users, the customer will be confronted about this. One possible consequence is that the customer will be denied access to the Internet. This is to put a stop to the harassment.


Break-ins and attempted break-ins

If a computer is not equipped with adequate security software, it is possible to break into the system, attempt to cause damage to the system, or cause the system to crash. It is even possible for the system to be misused by a third person to, for example, send spam or to use the system for port scans, fraud, a botnet or other types of misuse.


That is why it is prohibited to break into a computer system or attempt to do so. If a customer of DDF attempts to break into a system, DDF will be forced to take appropriate measures.


DataDiensten Fryslân makes every effort to combat misuse, but, in certain cases, it is not possible for DDF to take action on its own (or only partly) due to legal limitations or a lack of specialist expertise.



Personal data and/or privacy-related information

DDF takes your privacy very seriously. That is why DDF handles personal information on its customers with extreme care. In spite of these efforts, however, we may be required to provide information by order of a judicial authority by virtue of legal or statutory provisions. This only takes place in the following situations:


Abuse or misuse can be reported to DDF using the contact form.

Please fill in the form as completely as possible and send it to us. 


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